Book Cover "Developing Awareness is an excellent, deeply satisfying read of honest self-expression. Dr. Rode teaches the reader how to go deep, then shows how worthwhile the search and inner work is in achieving inner peace. In sharing her awakening, she lights the path for others." --Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D., LISAC

Increased awareness leads to more freedom, more control, and more prosperity.

Dorena Rode demonstrates in this engaging collection of stories that anyone can develop awareness, overcome limiting beliefs and access their inner wisdom. These stories illustrate the first steps Dorena took to cure herself of decades of chronic depression and anxiety. Anything is possible! With 25% of the US adult population suffering from depression or anxiety her message of creating inner peace is inspirational and timely.

When you read Developing Awareness, you will
  • Learn what beliefs are, where they come from & how to change them.
  • Discover why healing and personal growth are simpler than you think.
  • Be inspired and uplifted by spiritual stories.
  • Learn how to change your money reality and cultivate gratitude.
  • Find valuable tools for ending depression and anxiety.
  • Understand that everything you need is within you.
Developing Awareness will inspire and encourage you to look within for personal answers. This 10th Anniversary Edition includes questions and tools to help you explore and expand your consciousness and start creating the life you dream is possible.

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